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A New Year's Festive Feast OSECHI from Sushi Show!

An Osechi is a traditional Japanese food eaten on New Year's Day.

Osechi For 2 people: £50

Osechi For 3 people: £70

Sushi set: Mackerel Bateira, Special Roll and Inari

£12 per person

Our Osechi consists of the following:

  1. Kazunoko
    • Golden pickled Herring Roe
  2. Kinpira Gobo
    • Sauteed Burdock Roots
  3. Kuri Kinton
    • Mashed Sweet Chestnuts
  4. Kuromame
    • Black Soybeans
  5. Kouhaku Kamaboko
    • Crab Fish Cakes
  6. Kouhaku Namasu
    • Fish and vegetables seasoned in vinegar
  7. Konbu Maki
    • Sweet fish rolled in kelp
  8. Salmon Saikyo Yaki
    • Grilled salmon marinated in miso
  1. Tazukuri
    • Candied dried sardines
  2. Chikuzen-ni
    • Simmered Root vegetables with chicken
  3. Nejiri Ume
    • Decorative carrots
  4. Tamago Yaki
    • Japanese omelette
  5. Flower Cake
    • Flower shaped mochi
  6. Yaki buta
    • Grilled Pork
  7. Ebi Shio Yaki
    • Cooked Prawns

We plan to hand them over on 31st of December between 12pm and 5pm

The contents of the Osechi may be subject to availability. Thank you for your understanding.